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Website Maintenance

What kind of company needs website maintenance and hosting?

Your company is developing, the product variety is increasing, the service content is more perfect, there are new product research and development, a larger sales network... Do you tell your customers, partners and distributors at the first time through your company's website? The company's dynamic information and new products are all passing a message to the outside world - your company is forging ahead and developing. When your website is updated, users' confidence in you will be enhanced, because as the company's external media window, the website can more represent the vitality of your company.

Have you ever had such an experience?

1. Can't achieve satisfactory operation effect after the website is built?
2. New information can't be updated in time?
3. Some pages or pictures of the website need to be updated?
4. What happens when the program system goes wrong?
5. I don't know much about it. The cost of hiring professional and technical personnel is too high.

Benefits of website maintenance for enterprises

Can increase the amount of search engine, so that customers can find you more easily.

Can let the customer enter the website at any time is to be able to open the browsing state, to avoid the adverse impact of customers on the company.

The page style is more unified, and each page can be displayed correctly. Can let the enterprise's information update more quickly, more timely website long-term vitality.

Can reduce the cost of enterprises, so that enterprises enjoy more professional website management. If an enterprise specially employs a maintenance personnel for maintenance, and the monthly cost of an employee is 5000-8000 yuan / person, then the annual cost is 60000-72000 yuan. And many technical problems have not been solved!

Content maintained by website hosting

Maintenance Content

1. Monitor the operation of the website; < br > 2. Ensure the normal operation of website script program; < br > 3. Monitor and ensure your host is in normal operation state; < br > 4. Backup website content and data (website files are backed up once a month); < br > 5. Monitor the resolution health of domain names; < br > 6. Provide website content maintenance services, including: update and modify the text content of web pages; < br > 7. Processing and updating of webpage image content; updating and modifying of text content in website flash animation; < br > 8. Update and modification of webpage links; modification of other website contents; < br > 9. Provide opinions and suggestions on website improvement and improvement to improve the operation effect of the website; < br > 10. Make new pages and modules, and ensure the integrity and unity of the overall style of the website.
11. Clean up Trojans on Web pages. Regularly check whether the webpage is hung with Trojan horse.

Packet time maintenance

1. Package annual maintenance: provide unified maintenance and update for more than 12 times every year; the number of pages updated each time is less than 15 pages; the updated content does not include page style and template changes.
2. Quarterly maintenance: provide more than 4 times of unified maintenance and update every quarter; the number of pages updated each time is within 15 pages; the updated content does not include the changes of page style and template.
3. Monthly maintenance: update more than once a month; update the page quantity within 15 pages each time; update content does not include page style and template changes.

Single maintenance

According to the maintenance requirements put forward by customers, the actual maintenance workload shall be charged. The maintenance work can be settled by times or by quarters. This maintenance method only completes the maintenance of website content, does not involve the improvement and adjustment of system functions, and is generally suitable for the maintenance of small and medium-sized enterprise websites.

Website maintenance workflow

Website maintenance requires customers to put forward requirements in advance and provide updated information of website maintenance at the same time. After receiving the maintenance request, we will contact the customer on the same day to determine the maintenance workload and determine the completion date. After the maintenance work is completed, the customer shall be informed of the acceptance. If the acceptance is passed, the customer shall sign a written confirmation or e-mail for confirmation.

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Team Strength

We have a group of professional website construction talents with noble service quality and exquisite technology.Each member has 8-10 years of practical experience in professional website construction and online marketing in Shanghai. Each link of planning, design, program, promotion, editing, etc. is the elite of the elite to serve you. We have always maintained a leading position in the integration of technical experience and creativity, while tacit cooperation.

Conversion Rate

We will build the customer experience of your website in an all-round way, build a new layout of div + CSS website in Shanghai, and improve the opening speed of the web page; optimize the whole site by combining the target keywords of customers, improve the natural ranking of keywords, build the credibility of the website from multiple perspectives, and the trust of network marketing is the key; have strong sales force, grasp the potential target customers, and the ranking effect is good.

Technical Strength

We have gathered a group of elite talents who are "familiar with Internet technology and application, but also can be integrated into the marketing of various industries" with professional planning ability and marketing knowledge + method tools of network technology + years of experience and pragmatic and responsible attitude = to create value for customers of website construction in Shanghai.

SEO optimization of website

Strictly in accordance with SEO standard design, according to your needs, customized (non template); analysis of their own advantages, positioning the core keywords; analysis of market data, provide data reports to evaluate the feasibility of keywords; analysis of competitors' keywords and promotion ideas; system rationalization of website keyword distribution.




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