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Website Construction

Marketing website construction

When you click to enter this page, you may have the need to build a new website, reposition and think about online marketing, or change the old website... In this case, what kind of website should be built? In order to attract more traffic in, and to maximize the stay time of visitors in the website (to improve the traffic conversion rate), and ultimately improve the order conversion rate?

Brand creative website construction

The interface design conforms to the aesthetics of foreigners, is simple and generous, and pays attention to user experience. The content, color and style of the website refer to the style and content organization form of European and American websites. News information, product information, case release, talent recruitment, single page management system, online customer service, message, visit statistics.

Construction of enterprise publicity website

The official website of an enterprise covers many types of industries, a large amount of information and a wide audience, which is conducive to a comprehensive understanding of the enterprise by the society. According to different industries and types of customers, bonning technology will provide a set of unique website visual identification system, so as to propose the most appropriate image positioning. Use the most appropriate display mode, display effect, site framework to highlight the issues that customers and their users are most concerned about.

Foreign trade website construction

In today's Internet era, foreign trade companies will feel that the effect of international e-commerce through the traditional B2B foreign trade third-party platform is becoming more and more unsatisfactory, and the investment is also growing, more and more new competitors are joining, the price war in the B2B platform makes enterprises more adaptable; for the investment in English search engine advertising, domestic enterprises generally lack professional management , resulting in low return on investment.

E-commerce website construction

Online shopping mall has opened up its own stable marketing channels, which can expand market share, establish a unified e-commerce operation and management system of chain and distribution, and at the same time, it can also contact the most direct consumers to obtain first-hand product market feedback. The website construction service of the mall can provide customers with points management, VIP management, customer service exchange management, commodity sales analysis system and data sharing system for the exchange of existing MIS and ERP.

The construction of industry door type website

Industry portal is a large-scale website specially built for a certain industry. It is a combined platform for enterprises, products, business opportunities, consulting information, etc. in the production, supply and marketing supply chain of a certain industry, as well as the surrounding related industries. Our industry portal website includes enterprise members, supply and demand information, product library, company library, special business opportunities, product quotation, online business blog, principal-agent, product display, job recruitment, exhibition and exhibition, business assistant, bidding ranking, industry information, business community, online payment, all-round search and other functions.

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