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For more than 11 years our SINOLIFT manufactures and sells efficient and safe equipments for Material handling purposes that bridge the gap between internal and external logistics. our main products include: forklifts with 1, 000-20, 000kg Diesel, 1, 000-3, 500kg Gas, 1, 000-3, 500kg LPG, 1, 000-3, 000kg Battery type with DC or AC motor. and large volume various of lifts trucks and handling tools such as hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, table lifts, manual stackers, electric stackers, elevating work platform, tail lift, drum lift and corresponding spare parts. These rationally designed products are compact in structure, easy to operate and highly efficient, they are widely used for the stacking or handling of cargo in workshops, warehouses, factories, stations, wharfs, and some other places. Our idea of philosophy is: Easy Lift, Easy Life.