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We believe we are uniquely positioned as a China-based global player, with a presence in Shanghai, Beijing and the US, to tap into these vast commercial opportunities. Since its founding in 2016, I-Mab has rapidly become one of the top innovative biotech companies in China, and we have successfully raised more than US$400 million in equity financing from our dedicated group of investors, including leading healthcare-focused funds.  Our research and development capabilities encompass discovery, translational medicine, chemistry, manufacturing and controls (CMC) for biologics, pre-clinical development and clinical development, as well as business development functions. These integrated capabilities are strengthened by our deep understanding of China’s biologics regulatory framework combined with our direct access to extensive preclinical and clinical trial resources in China. I-Mab is now at a critical juncture to transition from a clinical-stage biotech company into a fully integrated end-to-end global biopharmaceutical company in the next few years.