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Wuxi Huifeng Machinery Co., Ltd, is a member of China light and small transport vehicles Association, "Li-zhou" brand hand pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, electric pallet stackers, light duty forklift trucks, light electric towing tractors and other small transport vehicles, adopting the foreign advanced technology, with decades of experience in design, selection of high quality component parts, painstakingly created a variety of models to fill the domestic blank, win the best product quality in material handing industry.

Our factory weas established in 1996, it occupies more than 40000m2 areas. We has passes ISO9001:2000 international quality system certificate and CE authentications. Also our company have got China export license and production license. Our main products have obtained the quality guarantee by the Chinese people's Insurance Company (PICC).

Our "Li-zhou" brand all kinds of light and small transport vehicles, are small size, light weight, no pollution and no noise, easy to operate, and with very reliable and balanced lift performance. can be fully loaded and worked inside elevators. Safety and Reliability. Can be widely used in workshops, warehouses, people bank warehouse, warehouse-style shopping malls and other occasions, quick loading and unloading of cargo, handling, stacking and mechanized operations, especially on the pipeline and distribution components of the food industry, pharmaceutical industry, electronics industry, the postal system, automobile and motorcycle industry. Our machines can play a good role in handling materials such in the narrow channel and on the light load floor.

Our “Li-zhou” brand compact handling machines are the ideal equipment to improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, welcome customers both at home and abroad to play a visit to us. We are committed to the manufacturing of good quality products and supply good service for our customers worldwide.