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Who we are- JOYSPEED your service provider

JOYSPEED GLOBAL CARGO (CHINA ) LTD., is your dreamed One Stop Logistics services Mall. We have the dedicated team of staff who are the customer orientated freight forwarding professionals having rich and varied experience of both Air and Sea freight management with a vision to provide you with global transport Solutions.

Joyspeed Global Cargo (China) Limited, established in 2004, and is fully owned by the company in Hong Kong, also named Joyspeed Global Cargo (China) Limited.

Our short name is “Joyspeed” which is quoted by our valued Customers to us.

We have the branch and office network all over China. At all Major coast in China like; Shanghai, Shenzhen, Ningbo, Qingdao, and many industrial areas spread across the country are having our branch and direct employees to serve our customers.

With the parent company in Hong Kong, Joyspeed’s China headquarter is situated in Shanghai with 5 branch offices across China and subsidiary company in Taiwan,USA and Korea. Along with our worldwide agency network, Joyspeed has the confidence to satisfy our oversea customers for the logistics and transportation needs.

Joyspeed provides one-stop logistics service covering freight forwarding, domestic inland transport services, customs brokerage, bonded and non-bonded warehousing, door to door service and all other accessories services related to the cargo.

We have the computerized automation system to diversify the cargo for different destination, EDI interface the shipment data per customer’s request and payment of import cargo tax and duty through our electronic fund transfer system with custom, high quality services with international standard for its integrated services of outbound and inbound forwarding with competitive price offered with better services in China.

All above services are to develop and deliver the best logistics solution to meet our customers’ transportation and distribution ideas.

We believe “your success is our success".

Our Philosophy:

We are in the business of transportation and it is a service industry. Customer satisfaction comes from the acceptance and recognition of service standards provided.
We believe 4 Pillars : M(management), S(system), A(attitude) and P(people).
Management maintains the uniform and standards.
System maximizes the efficiency and accuracy.
Attitude focuses in persistence and perfection.
People listen, create, produce and enhance.
Our Scope Of Business:


Master co-loaders in Airfreight.
Provide 24-hour air freight operation.
The Customs bonded warehouse.
Operation facility in Airport.
Securing the most Export Space during the peak season with block-space and Pallets.
Ocean freight:

Branch station at major terminal of the seaport.
NVOCC license holder at major ports.
EDI linking with the Customs.
Dedicated trucking fleet and CFS warehouse.
Service contracts with major carriers.
Railway transportation:

The whole operation will be carried out throughout the whole process without disintegration or reorganization.
The transport time is 1/2 of the ocean freight, and the freight rate is 1/4 of the air transportation cost.
Weekly fixed time operation, winter no shutdown.
Whole GPS tracking, special container electronic safety lock.
A leading partner in the China – Pakistan Economic Corridor

Faster than ocean freight, cheaper than air freight. Offering a 16-20 days transit time, Joyspeed Global Cargo China limited clients now have a viable alternative choice of shipping mode between China and Pakistan. As well as Pakistan, Joyspeed offers a direct rail service which connecting major European cities with China.